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Our Story


In the sleepy countryside of Worcestershire, not a forty minute drive to Stratford-Upon-Avon and the land of Shakespeare, and an equally same drive to Sarehole Mill where Tolkien lived, Nabu grows. A little cozy gift shop that creates bookish gifts for literary lovers, Nabu is often found at craft fairs and festivals, but primarily tucked away into the little nooks of the web for bibliophiles, literature junkies and bookish fiends to find. Although Nabu is based in the rolling green hills of merry old England, we ship internationally to book lovers all around the world. 


Bonita Poole - Founder

When I was little, my nickname was grounded. I kid you not. Me and my childhood friends still joke about it today. If it wasn't for this little fact however, I probably would never have immersed myself into books as much as I did. I had this little £15 mahogany (which was all the rage back in the nineties) bookcase, only three shelves high, that I had begged my parents to get me for Christmas one year. 

Whenever I was grounded for whatever reason (probably not doing chores properly) I would stay in my room and read, or rearrange my bookshelf in order of size, author, or oldest to newest. I was often called a hermit (until my teenage years-then you couldn't stop me going out!) I still have quite a few of those books that kept me company throughout my childhood. They bear too much sentimentality to part with.

My first ever book I owned was Roald Dahls Matilda. My mum had gone to a book fair at my school (remember those?) and surprised me with it. My Roald Dahl collection grew quite enormously over the years - I still have many of them today.

I was quite artistic in school, and looked to making my own items when I was younger. I (unsuccessfully) sewed my own denim skirt I made out of an old pair of jeans, which I wore for about a minute out of the house before the giant loops came undone and I had to run back in before everyone could see my unmentionables!

It took me a long time to realise what I wanted to do. I think it's so much pressure on an 18 year old to decide on a career they have to stick with the rest of their life. I've switched from training to be a nurse, a computer programmer and an Archaeologist before realising that I always went back books. So I started my degree in English Literature and Language, part time (6 years) around working in various retail stores, offices and having my son in order to become a better writer. My vision was grand you see-become a multi millionaire author! Ha! Luckily I've grown up a lot since then, and although you can get a book I have written here my degree has opened up avenues I would never even have thought possible.

In 2016 I sat down and thought about how books always take a little piece of you with them when you've finished. It seemed a shame that you couldn't take a piece of them with you too. That's when I got my first idea. I was forever seeing Alice In Wonderland jewellery, but never one I wanted. I love charms, you see. So the first product I ever made was a little March Hare key necklace with a teapot and queen of hearts crown charm. Although the packaging has changed, it remains my favourite piece to this day, simple, effective, and on a long chain that looks pretty teamed with loose cardigans, leggings and boots. Since then my jewellery range has expanded quite a bit, with more being designed every week, and I now also include prints, stationery and greeting cards. They focus on classic literature, bringing firm favourites out of history for us to show off in the present. 

All designs, product packaging, creating and shipping out to you wonderful customers is done by myself. I only ever use original quotes and illustrations that I edit and rework myself to incorporate Nabu's distinctive independent brand.