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Target Sheet

For those that want to take their business from hobby to real! Italicised comments are examples, delete or remove, or add your own. Copy and paste into word or print off this page. 

My store:

Current selling platforms:

Include others besides Etsy, such as your own website, stalls etc.


Current yearly turnover:

Before expenses 


Current profit:

After expenses


Current work hours:

Daily/weekly/monthly - your preference


Current workload:

Include everything you do now and how long it takes. i.e Social media marketing three hours a week etc





Financial targets

Earning enough to hit government guidelines - paying yourself minimum wage

Paying yourself a 'living wage'

Earning enough to come off government benefits (or only certain ones if coming off it all is too daunting)

Making enough to hire a work unit/office/craft space

Earning enough to hire staff members

Hitting the average yearly household income 

Earning £20,000+ per year





Workload targets

Number of products made by the end of the year (50+/100+/25 fantastic ones with awesome SEO)

Number of orders a week

Creating/admin ratio a week

Weekly social media posts

Marketing hours






Work hour targets

Hitting 16hrs a week for a part time wage

Hitting 38hrs per week for a full time wage

Hitting 60+ hours in order to expand and grow your business

Working the minimal amount of hours for the most profit.